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Mobile NFT-based tower defense game where players can earn $AGON and NFTs with no crypto experience necessary.

Dynamic image and stat generation will ensure unique properties for NFTs.

Mine $AGON by simply playing!

Mobile Only

Android and iOS

Built-In Wallet

No need for external wallet


Earn Crypto and NFTs

Passive Income

Some NFTs generate passive inome

Tradable NFTs

Countless tradable NFTs

Dynamic NFTs

Unique NFT Image Generation

$AGON will be built on the flare network.

With the wallet functionality built-in, players will be able to mint and engage in the marketplace without any need for knowledge about the crypto space.

Through usage of GSN-capable contracts, the user will not need any coin aside from $AGON to do any of the in-game transactions.


*Subject To Change

1: Project introductionNov. 2021

2: Pre-release NFT dropsTBA

3: Beta Pass NFT dropTBA

4: Exclusive $AGON pre-sale for Flare Finance Delorian NFT holders.TBA

5: Main $AGON sale where a portion will be available for purchaseTBA

6: $AGON listing on exchangesTBA

7: Beta Pass owners will get early access to the game.TBA

8: Official ReleaseTBA

Pre-sale NFT drop announcements will be made via our Discord channel and social media so be sure to follow us. We will be taking a snapshot of pre-sale NFT ownership at a future date TBA to mint the assets onto the Flare chain.

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